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I'm struggling to put my feelings about this book into words that will do it justice. It really was the perfect book at the perfect time for me. I might even have read it twice.
- KimberlyFayeReads

I don’t think this could have been a more aptly titled book because let me tell you I was HOOKED from page one until the very end. It was that good!
- Give Me Books

I give Hooked 5 stars, no doubt about it. The book was beautifully written, story utterly engaging, characters truly loveable, and the romance wonderfully heart-pounding.
- The Book Snake, Etc.

This is officially my new favorite read of 2015! And will be my go to recommendation for anyone who liked Divergent. A must read for dystopian fans.
- Girl Plus Book

Deviation strikes me as a rather fun mix of Stephen King's Carrie, the J. J. Abrams television show Alias and Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games series.
- Writer's Digest Self-published e-book Awards

There are a lot of Young Adult science fiction novels out there dealing with the subject of teenagers or children with unusual powers. Deviation by Christine Manzari is one of the best I've read and I can easily picture Deviation as a popular TV series or movie.
                                             - Ray Simmons of Reader's Favorite

If The Pledge was any indication as to what this duo can do, I definitely look forward to their future novels together. If you’re a reader who loves a little tug of war with a dose of angst, I highly recommend picking up this novel. I loved the romance, the growth, and just the way the characters became their own people. I can’t wait for the next book in the series!
- Prisoners of Print

This was a "read from start to finish without a break" book. When I started it, I knew I only had enough time to get a few chapters in. Well, I ended up reading the entire book in one sitting. I just could not walk away without getting the whole story.
- Garden of REden